Bon Appétit 2013

The year has yielded mostly 3-star fare around our ‘hood. The Farm Table in Bernardston is fine for lunch outdoors or at the bar. Risotto and wine list worth the trip. Lord Jeffrey Inn’s renovation in Amherst a success, 30 Boltwood cocktail lounge indoors and out, comfy booths, sophisticated supper.

Best restaurants and cuisine remain in Manhattan. Lucky to go often. Classic standbys still great. Da Silvano.  Lure Fishbar.  Gramercy Tavern. Bourdain’s Les Halles. Nobu Next Door. 25-year favorite Gotham Bar & Grill fell from grace. Best new find in the Flatiron Maysville. Mediocre Village’s Blue Hill. Don’t ever bother with Dos Caminos or Atlantic Grill.

Berkshires have consistent spots. On a trip to Great Barrington to seek out Blue Hill Farm, stopped for another visit to Café Adam which had since moved. Gazpacho fresco superb. Bistro Zinc in Lenox always savory burger frites.

Rave reviews from Barcelona~ Sensi Tapas, Arcano, Bodega 1900 liquid olives by Albert Adrià. Bon profit!IMG_5487-1

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  1. You’re right about Dos Caminos. Rosa Mexicano has gone downhill as well. Many of these restaurants get bigger for their own good and lose the most important things that allowed themselves to one time thrive……Service and good food. I’ve learned that it’s NOT okay to charge these crazy prices for bad food and terrible service. I never used to say anything but those days are gone. It’s money that’s hard earned and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to get the service and food I’m paying for. I’m done. Peace out!!!!


    1. Yup. Not interested in spending $200/person for a brand name. Many restaurants in NY are trading on that false front. Food and service are rare. When we find them, we return. Same locally in Northampton. Not as high a price point. But, hard to find quality.


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