Hash Marks

Crazy day in sports. Delay of game in Philly to snow-blow the goal line. Flakes a flyin’. Pats got a last ditch reprieve on a questionable call in the end zone. Gronk out. Injuries continue to mount in NFL. Huge win for Niners over Seahawks. Defense reigned. Wish we could have seen it, FoxSports. Show the best games everywhere. Meanwhile, there was golf going on. TW is ready to hoist another trophy when Zach Johnson holes a shot from the drop zone on the 18th. Playoff. Tiger blows a short putt. Flukey finishes.

Transitions in the food world. Charlie Trotter in Chicago. Judy Rodgers in San Fran. Her Zuni Cafe ground-breaking originator of California cuisine. New York Elaine’s to open as The Writing Room soon. Irreplaceable restaurateurs.

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  1. from NY Post today
    Cucina Ciano, at 181 E. 78th St., is also in expansion mode.

    The casual Italian eatery has been booming since opening in November. It replaced Ciano, which closed in the Flatiron district last spring. This past weekend, it launched its brunch menu.

    A cozy private dining room seats 18 in the wine cellar downstairs.

    The restaurant comes from Stratis Morfogen, of Philippe Chow, which also recently opened in Beverly Hills, Calif., and Unik Ernest, a veteran of Bijoux and Merkato 55.

    Morfogen tells Side Dish the team is preparing to launch three more Cucina Cianos in the next “15 to 18 months” — one in the Upper 90s on the East Side, one on Columbus Avenue in the 70s, and the third in the Meatpacking District.


      1. my foodie friend went and said it was delicious, she had huge meatballs but complained it was too noisy. every restaurant that has been in that space has had that problem. But would love to try with you.


  2. Brunch may be quieter. Have you ever been to Le Bilboquet? It re-opened UES as well. It’s mentioned in Goldfinch book I’m reading.


    1. you could not pay me to go to Le B. unless you are European and smoke, they treat you very badly there. I will tell you on phone what I call that restaurant.


  3. That was as crazy a football Sunday as ever!! Pats lucky, Eagles brought snow shoes to the Linc. for the win, Peyton can throw in the cold and the Giants simply stink in any kind of weather. Golf ending was just as crazy. Was the moon full? What a day!!


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