Monday QB

Niners had an easy day. Boston giddy after a great week. Spectacular last minute Pats touchdown as RedSox grandslammed into the World Series. But then. Suspicious time to call a new penalty, I’d say. And I’m no fan. Somebody big must have wanted the Jets to win. Young Colt’s Luck outpaced the old Bronco.

Homeland season 3 is a gruesome, insane test that strains taste and credulity. Dana’s dangerous liaison with Leo. Eeyu. Carrie’s unexplained release from a prolonged incarceration in the asylum while Saul seduces yet another victim to do his bidding. He is married to the CIA and never to be trusted, no matter the plot tricks. Brody just more blood and gore. Blech so far.

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  1. If I have to pull over this blog there’s going to be trouble!!! You two calm down. Stop asking me if we’re there yet. Eat your peanut butter and jelly sandwich and be quiet!!!


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