Oktober Fester

Happy October. Summer weather. Government slumber. Good news? John Kerry seems strong as Secretary of State. Haven’t heard about Benghazi for a week. C-Span is more entertaining than Breaking Bad finale. It isn’t a dream. Walt didn’t wake up as Malcolm’s Dad. House didn’t relent. Tea Party is happy to let things continue to fester and rot. Credit rating agencies, useless as they are, will have to downgrade U.S. again. Stock market will move a little, but it really doesn’t impact Wall Street. Yet. There isn’t any other place to invest.

Life goes on. News pundit is engaged to White House chef who is President’ s golf buddy. O’Reilly hearing voice of God. Crazy is the new normal. Lift a big stein. Prost!

2 Replies to “Oktober Fester”

  1. Wait until the debt ceiling impasse. That’s when the market will tank. There are no statesmen. Gerrymandering has created a congress of myopic, polarized, narrowly focused, small-minded, knee-jerk, “we’d be better off without government,” low-lifes.


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