Emmys dirge. Low energy. Slow. Whose idea was it to intersperse obituaries throughout the show? Colbert the only spark of life. Sports caisson. Whoa. Giants, 49ers routs. Tiger sick of gotcha video penalty woes. Henrik Stenson wins one tourney and the entire FedEx Cup. Dumb idea. Ratings blow.

Retreated to an autumnal backyard chair and a 1978 Iris Murdoch Man Booker- winning classic. TheSea TheSea. Great writing stands the test of time. Muddled lives. Obsession. Things are never what they seem to be. Wonderful read.

2 Replies to “SadTV”

  1. Where to begin? Let’s see…. Okay. Who should we get to sing a song that brings 1963 back to us as if we might feel like we were living in the moment again? I know…… Carrie Underwood!?!??? Huh? Oh yea, let’s also have her sing a Beatles song from 1965!!! Let’s also get everyone hopped up on the excitement of great television over the last year and bring them down every 20 minutes with another tragic loss of life. Really? Does anyone remember “Debbie Downer” from SNL? Waaa waaaa!!! Oh my god. Who thought that would work? Television is actually getting better with Ray Donavan, Homeland, Breaking Bad etc. Let’s celebrate these shows on an annual basis in a different way. Please!!!!


    1. True on all counts. Even the winners seemed bored and embarrassed by the show. Yeah, that rendition of Yesterday reflected the funereal tone. Agree also that TV is so good these days. And, what? Jon Hamm hasn’t ever won for MadMen? Needs improvement to be sure. Let’s produce next year’s tribute with just Will Ferrell and his kids.


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