Boob Tube

Yup. That’s what our parents used to call television. Still true in the vast wasteland of late August? Nope. Newsroom gets better every week if you can abide the Pill and bouts of overacting. Chris Matthews’ son is quite good.
Ray Donovan’s brilliant ensemble joined by James Woods topped by Jon Voight. BBC’s Copper gritty. Corky worth a crush. Then there’s Miley’s extreme twerking with Teddy bears. Hey, if you can’t sing or dance, create a tweet-valanche.

Went to a local bookstore yesterday to give them some business. Couldn’t find a compelling read I haven’t already read. So, I guess I’d better get back to writing my own thing. But, don’t ask me about it until at least May! NYTimes today. Dr.Husband is intrigued by Ben Winters’ first of a new trilogy set six months before the asteroid hits and the world ends, The Last Policeman.

8 Replies to “Boob Tube”

  1. Very good summer reads
    “Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks”

    “Brothers Emanuel ”

    Sorry for bad typing – prob should spend rest of summer reading IPhone 5 handbook! Ugh………


  2. Looks like Tiger will play. Awesome foursome! You going? I’ve been to that tournament twice and followed Tiger and Phil. If you see them once you’re lucky. Couch and a cocktail the place to be. Love the Miley rhyme. Her father was actually watching in awe. Can’t get much more gross than that!! Please go away with Paris, Lindsay and the rest…….


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