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Fox1Sports. Ailes’ answer to ESPN. Reege at 81 is captain of Crowd Goes Wild. Tonight’s premier a bit rocky. Oscar de la Hoya guest notwithstanding. Philbin is best as raconteur without a script. He can’t navigate producers in his ear and on-air surprises. But, some of it was fun. It’s a gab-fest with requisite eye candy. A British babe and a techie bimbo. Guys include a superbowl star, a former tennis pro comedian, and WSJournalist. I’d watch it again. But, I’m an easy sports slut. From BoSox beaning A-Rod, UK football, NFL to U.S. Open. It’s launch season.

On CNN, The Lead has hit its stride. Snarky, current, in-depth investigative news. Jake Tapper should join Anderson at night. Wolfie’s past his prime time.

Awaiting post-Labor Day getaway, cooking’s become blender-centric. Our NorthShore fishmonger, Mike, suggested a remoulade sauce for the shrimp we bought. It turned out great. A tangy spread for sandwiches, too. RecipeDetours.

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  1. Side tiger….. If you listen to what he said today, it’s a bit sad to hear him say “winning five or more tournaments ten times in my career is huge”. Beating Jack is no longer a goal? Does he know its not in the cards? Really a very, very sad story of what could have been. I still love to watch him and root for him even when Phippy Tits is in it. Just seems like he has taken a look in the mirror and said I can’t do it. Nike (just do it) might concur.


    1. Wow. That is the first time I’ve heard him sound so negative. I agree. He seems to have lost the goal of beating Jack. Or, maybe he’s trying to pretend not to because it’s adding too much pressure in the majors and his play suffers. I’ll watch, though. or not… just checked and as usual no morning coverage.


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