Mystery of Blue Hill

Mid-summer night’s dinner. Blue HillGreenwich Village. FamousBarack and MichelleJustin and Jennifer. Locavore award. James Beard winner. Farm to table. Garden gustations. Alas. No vegetables to be found. None on our plates! So we decided to visit  Blue Hill Farm to investigate. The eatery’s namesake.

Great Barrington, Massachusetts. First a fine lunch at Café Adam. New space barny. In a strip mall kinda way. But sashimi-grade tuna in salade Niçoise, parfait. And, there were those errant heirloom tomatoes, fresh anchoises. Then up the road on a pristine day, we found the culprit, overlooking the Housatonic. Check out photos and more on TravelTreks.


3 thoughts on “Mystery of Blue Hill

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