Firth Forth

Onward at Muirfield. Tiger’s looking solid so far. Thanks to DVR. 3rd hole birdie, we’ll see. Hit ’em short and let ’em roll! Phippy whined about the fast greens and hole setups, so they hosed it down. But, he doesn’t tee off ’til this afternoon. Baked and brown. Hope you’ll get to see some of it, JoeyPants.

Kate needs to have her baby to take Boston bad guys and sad stories off the news. Here’s to cooler weekend.

11 Replies to “Firth Forth”

  1. I see 30 seconds at a time while romancing pants. Really? I romance pants? Yup, that’s what I do. Going to be a very interesting weekend at Muirfield. Joe (the new witch) says Tiger wins at -6. Now they can water the course down for all on the weekend. Birdies abound on the front. Frightful back will keep it real. Viva pantalons!!!!


    1. Phippy – the birth of the capri! No, wait. The bell bottom capri! Wonderful. Now if we could meld Poulter’s fabric with Phippy’s style – perfection!


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