Six End

MadMen6 ends at Dick’s childhood home. A ramshackle whorehouse in some mid-western town. I thought he lived on a farm. Wasn’t there a farm? Anyway, Don’s descent to the bottom complete. Don the pretender was too hard to sustain. He needed to show his kids who he is. Betty already knows. Pete, too. Roger & Co. seemed stunned. No matter, besides his drinking, his candor cannot be tolerated. Clients need their fanatasy images of AdMen. Dapper Don is dead.

Joan’s bodice seems to take up the entire frame. It’s growing by the week. She does act more board member as a decision-maker in the new re-structured agency. Ted and Megan are gone. Off to Los Angeles. Duck is back. Peggy stays married to her work. As she seems destined to be. Bob. Don’t care.

MadMen7. Will be the last. Does Don rise from the ashes? Start his own firm? Become a decent father? Will he change his name back to Dick? Season 6 was not a happy nor well-written one. Last night back on track. Oh, and guess who got the Hershey account? Ogilvy & Mather, of course.  Matt Creamer’s recap.

June 24, 2013. 666.

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