Rose Petals

Never promised you a rose garden, Phil. Bridesmaid again. Justin Rose to the occasion, the least singed by a satanic course. Nobody in the red. Merion Golf Club won the U.S. Open. DSC_0006

Bloom is off MadMen6. Besides Don drinking even earlier in the day than usual, not sure where it’ll end next week. Everyone seems to be failing to navigate a thorny transition in the merged agency. Joan too easily drifts from partner to office manager role. Ted is giddy for Peggy. Where’s Roger? Miss him. Pete is all over the place. Poor Ken got Cheney-ed. Back at the MadPad, Megan is weary and wary. Sally’s cast off to Boarding School with Glen. Betty encourages her to smoke. All very confusing. Not in a good way.

Tried New Day on CNN. Cackling women and Chris Cuomo. Flip to Morning Joe. Over on FauxNews Sarah Palin is back and still sounding like Miss Utah.

5 Replies to “Rose Petals”

  1. Morning tv at an all-time low. guy next to me at cardiac rehab this AM said he can’t stand watching Mika anymore- seems to be a common thought. Was amusing to see Russell Brand on Morning Joe- made her squirm.


    1. Agree. Mika is insufferable. That’s why hoping CNN’s new show would be good. But, it was the same fluff as other networks, at least today.

      Russell Brand is hilarious.


  2. I have to watch Palin on Fox. Watched “Game Change” for the tenth time last night and just can’t help but laugh my ass off. She is Miss America!! As dumb as it gets.


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