Happy Junio

Sticky stormy start to June. FauxNews continues to foment fear to increase ratings, keeping country at a stalemate. While bridges crumble, rails break. Third world airports disintegrate. Tiger sputters out of control. Ok. Enough bad news.

Finally climbed up to the thorny Throne. Games are addictive. Season 1 done. MadMen6. Joan brings in real new business as the boys play in L.A. Peggy slowly gets up to speed. Women don’t easily support each other. Man up!

3 Replies to “Happy Junio”

  1. All of the partners (including Joan), would work under SCDH. So just change the “P” to an “H” in the original name, and you’re all set: [Sterling], [Cooper, Campbell, Chaough, Cutler], [Draper], [Harris]. Or perhaps SHD&Cs?


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