Ferry Treks

Take an overnight side jaunt to the North Fork of Long Island. Easy ferry trek from New London to Orient Point. Just down from the dock, you’ll find Hadley & Daniele’s vintage treasure chest, NorthFound & Co. Along the way, wineries galore and lots of restaurants, B&B’s, seaside haunts. Northfrkd.

For a longer stay, take the two Shelter Island ferries to Sag Harbor. Jewelry makers, boutiques, then over to Amagansett. Best ClamBar on Montauk Highway in Napaugue. Crappy expensive motels, but beaches are gorgeous.

If it weren’t going to be a rainout, we’d do it over Memorial Day. But, lots of sunny summer vacation days and weekends on the horizon.

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  1. Thanks Carol for the link to northfrkd.com. If you’re looking for a guided path to the North Fork grab one of our itineraries at northforkitineraries.com. We’ll lead you to NorthFound & Co and more! Let us know when you’re in the neighborhood –


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