Mad Donning

Don Draper’s spiral is further fueled by a Dr. Feelgood booster. Called Vitamin B12 shots back in the day. These inoculations were common in financial district offices, too. Crash and burn. Literally and figuratively.

As more of Dick Whitman’s childhood horrors are told, Don’s complexities gain clarity. A beauty mark elicits pathetic vulnerability as his life unravels. Megan’s acting opportunities keep her from giving the attention he craves, as they both neglect his children. Betty is thinner and blonde again. She and her politician husband seem like the Rock of Gibraltar by comparison.

Don’s past is fast colliding with his career as well. “Every time we get a car, the place turns into a whorehouse”. He is shaken by the actions of the two women he loves at work. Joan’s Jaguar prostitution. And now he sees Peggy with Ted.

Will he recover? Need for Speed, Matt Creamer’s AdAge review says so. As for Creamer’s possible names for the merged agency? I pick  Joan’s Boobs.