Lunes Loco

T’was a fun Mother’s Day. Tiger wins. But, oh, Sergio. What is the definition of loco? Tied for the lead. Decide to go right at Sunday pin on the island green, with a wedge. Twice. Splash. Twice. Machismo? A Van de Velde worthy choke.

MadMen6. Don & Sylvia loco show. Ok. Leave Megan, you don’t love her anymore. But, geez. Sick. Shower needed. Go for some young pretty thing at least. Joan saved her white knight. Peggy brought maturity to the playpen.

Our favorite show, Golden Boy got the ax. We must be wrong demo. Congrats to profesora AnneB, retiring after 35 years. Muy bien hecho!

5 thoughts on “Lunes Loco

  1. Joey4sticks said it was a “Tin-cup” moment and that was repeated several times on sports radio today so kudos to him. Alicat made a good point today pointing out the affair was supposed to be an Elizabeth Taylor type thing. Although in my eyes, she couldn’t hold a candle to the 60’s Liz. Everybody needed a shower back in the 60’s. look at the hair!!! Hahaha.


    • You go, Joey4Sticks! Great reference.

      Agree. Sylvia is no Liz. Not even close. Just creepy. I get Don’s need to keep a woman captive as he was abandoned by his mother, but it doesn’t work. For me. And yeah, they did always cover that lacquered hair in the shower. Ha!


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