Middling Monday

MadMen6. Finally back to AdMen. More advertising biz. Good. Joan acting like a partner again, focusing on increasing share price. Excellent. Then Don goes rogue and fires Jaguar. Joan has a hissy fit. Bad. Ted & Don talk merger. Of course. Ted kisses Peggy. Really? So much for the last bastion of moral rectitude. She should have demanded to be a partner of the new agency. Instead she lets Ted tell her how lucky she is to be its top copywriter. Marie & Megan zoobeezoo. Funny together. Hope Sylvia is moving out of the building. Bye. Pete, daughters trump wives. Silly. Better episode since only Weiner wrote it. Lots of nuggets.

Middlesteins. A skimmable read. Food obsession. Dysfunction. Obesity. Disease. Theme of the week. Mika’s book. Not a subject that captivates my attention.

Guns. Gabby Giffords, Caroline Kennedy. AK-47’s. Counter-insurgency in Springfield, Mass. on 60 Minutes. Something’s gotta give.

Gatsby. Movie mirrors society. Fame without talent. Wealth without success. Glitz without glamor. Maureen Dowd’s column nailed it.

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