Side Kix

Good eats at old haunts, Nobu Next Door, Tribeca; Petaluma UES. Katz’ New Haven deli on the way to the Bronx. Hotel Giraffe, always a happy Flatiron stay. Saffron turbans abounded at Madison Square Park for a Sikh fest galore. Perfect springtime weekend with family and friends all around New York.

Obama’s comedic timing was great as were his one-liners. He landed the Cruz jab. Groucho v. Karl. Conan didn’t measure up. White House Correspondents’ dinner was a ruffled out dust up anachronism overtly lamenting the industry’s decline.

MadMen6 kix. Ugly Betty will soon become Pretty Betty again. Motivated by her newly powerful pol husband. Peggy is uncharacteristically giddy over the promise of having kids on the diverse UWS. Don has a glimmer of paternal love. MLK’s assassination is supposed to pervade the plot, but doesn’t succeed. Yawn.

Happy 3 Jake Jordan!

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