Mad Laise

Matt Weiner on CBS This Morning, says we are in a malaise just as he is portraying the MadMen mood in 1968. A precursor to one of the most tumultuous years in modern memory. Tet Offensive. Assassinations. MLK, RFK. Birth of Nixonian era. Are we on the brink again? He thinks so.

Meanwhile, MadMen6 continues to disappoint. Joan is acting more like a secretary than a partner, in and out of the office. Peggy betrays her former colleague, but at least it’s part of the mAd game. Don has devolved from a conflict in progress to a hypocritical jerk. Sylvia is really unattractive, in every way. Blech. Keep hope alive for a better show. Next week.

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  1. Noted: Don, on the soap set, watching Megan being pushed backwards onto a bed by a sexual aggressor just as, through a keyhole, he watched his mother being similarly treated in the whore house of his youth. Gotta mess you up a bit. The man is headed to ever darker places.


  2. “Deep thoughts” by Dr Husband. I think Don has always been a hypocritical jerk. That’s the theme of the show and the times. My favorite character has become Pete. What a smarmy pig, but he plays it well. I was four during the time frame they are now in, but I swear I can remember the times as I watch each show. It truly is the best show on tv even though I missed the early better years. I’m a Hunts ketchup man anyhow!!!


    1. It is the best show on tv. Brilliant analyses. The bed scene in the soap, wow. Missed that. Agree, too that Pete is a multi-layered conundrum. He was upset that Peggy gave away their baby and reads to his with Trudy at night. Both Don and Pete have the darker futures, to be sure. Take that, Mr. Creamer.

      p.s. Hunt’s catsup. Heinz is “the only ketchup”


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