Monday Musings

Maureen Dowd’s Sunday column about Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy’s dogged support for gun control legislation. My comment was a NYimes pick.

Most beautiful name and nicest man in golf, Angel Cabrera with his son on the bag, edged by the greatest looking guy in golf, Adam Scott. Stevie won, too. Tiger stayed smartly in the middle of the pack as to avoid an asterisk for a tainted W.

Guess we must talk about MadMen. Last week, missed the last six minutes and Don’s long pre-Hawaii liaison with his prostitute mother reincarnate, Sylvia. Death, miscarriage, wife-beating, cheating. Geez. Not feeling the love.

Intriguing new books. Westerly by Will Schutt, Allende’s Maya’s Notebook.

3 Replies to “Monday Musings”

  1. Maureen Ryan’s take on MadMen:

    My response~Pete has always been Pete. He hasn’t changed since he fathered Peggy’s kid. Neither has she for that matter. As for Don, he continues to be a conflict in process. This season has descended into a dark denouement where characters are dealing with age and hard living. More triumphant Joan, please! And Ad biz. Agree Don was funny with Jaguar sleeze and Heinz guy.


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