A product of three generations of men’s clothing retail, I looked forward to PBS’ MrSelfridge. Jeremy Piven as the American founder of the first department store concept in London. The story of the dawn of mass retail just as the sun sets on bricks and mortar shops. Ghost malls soon to be replaced by burgeoning online sales. But, Piven’s acting is so bad, the show was unwatchable. 

Forgot how good writing and acting are on MadMen. Watching season 5 to prepare for MadMen6 this Sunday. It will be tough to eclipse the depth and searing realism of last year’s tour de force. Joan’s determination as her life crumbled around her, still amazes. A complex woman of substance who kept her eye on the prize. Peggy, too. Life’s layers so perfectly portrayed.

Zero picks in Final Four. Louisville plays on another level. They’ll win it all.

3 thoughts on “ReTale

  1. We were going to watch the Piven PBS show, decided not to. Glad we didn’t. Book looks interesting. I am sure my crew will enjoy it.


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