Mad March

My pre-bracket picks are still in play. Kansas, Indiana, Duke, Gonzaga. UMass didn’t make the sixty-eight. Harvard did? Madness marches to its final fate. Workplaces take annual diversionary break. It’s fun. Longshot? Liberty.

Can the Cypriots bring down the Euro house of cards? A financial cascade could happen. Profit-taking time. Krugman calling. Austerity may soon be us.

Season finale Girls. Shoshanna breakup performance tour de force. Zosia Mamet can act. Marnie’s happy ending with Charlie contrived. Didn’t buy it. Hannah learns allies are hard to find, including her ‘girl’ friends. Adam’s loyalty rang true.

3 Replies to “Mad March”

  1. Girls was actually very good last night. The creepy boyfriend Adam becoming our favorite character. Didn’t realize it was season ender. Bummer. Veep very disappointing last year. Hopefully better now. When does Curb start???


    1. Agree. Adam was the most redeeming. Poignant that Hannah’s only written line was about the love of her girl friends and they abandoned her.

      Never liked Veep nor Julia Louis. But, that’s just me.


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