Caught up on weekend fare. SNL’s geezer club was cute. As always, sketches many minutes too long. Timberlake & Samberg, Aykroyd & Martin duos fun. Miss those “wild and crazy guys” and their bulges. Longed for “dick in a box” redux. Girls is just getting gross. If still smart and real. MadMen6 coming in April!

New books causing chat. Has America become a Third World country? Peter Blair Henry, NYU’s Stern dean, says so. Congress take note. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg questioning women. Lean In. Yahoo! Having brought a 3% ROE to 10%, I know turn-around challenges. Clarity, decision-making. Necessary and tough. When will we start measuring success by results and not gender?

More thunder and lightning at the Vatican as Cardinals conclave. Get it? Black smoke. White smoke. New Pope. Clean up the church.

2 Replies to “KetchUp”

  1. Oh my god. Girls is so gross yet I can’t look away. When are we going to see Ms. Williams naked??? I’m an old gross man myself!! What’s the story with the video???? Is he your broker? Funny! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday weekend. Sorry we couldn’t join.


    1. Dr.H wants to see Allison (two ll’s ) Williams, too. She won’t do it.

      Video son of broker. Gus Waite. Highly recommend. Fun duo. His uncle is John Boy’s father on the Walton’s. Ralph Waite. Lots of stories. Missed you.


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