Vex Day

Creepy life-sized Teddy Bears. Juvenile hoodie footie pajamas. Eeyuu. Cheap chocolates. Wilted roses. All this to get lucky once a year. Is it over yet?

Internet abuzz about last week’s Girls. An off-beat hipster chick shows up at a gorgeous vulnerable guy’s door. He invites her in and she’s, well… game. They have a fleeting dalliance. Then it’s over. It was real. Where’s the controversy?

Happiness is…Jeopardy’s’Teen Tournament and winner Leonard Cooper.

5 Replies to “Vex Day”

  1. Not controversial in my mind but I will admit every time she gets naked, which is very often, I have to cover my eyes. I love her for her lack of inhibition and wit, but her nude scenes are a bit tough to take. Still think the show is very good.


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