Monday Rushes

Colin KaeperNick at night ran like the wind. Heart-stopping great playoff games. Except Pats. But, that was good to watch Red Carpet in peace. Still don’t get the stupid overtime rule. Nate Silver and I both out on SB picks. Go Niners!

Tarnished orbs. Plastic, too. Jennifer Lopez. Really? Did they try to insult Ben Affleck? Tina & Amy just okay. Disjointed weird show. Adele was real. Easy decision to flip it off over to Downton. Back to Affleck. Argo. Yay.

Downton. Edith was given a gift I believe. Bates is not the man we thought? Downstairs is where the soul resides. The Abbey is saved. For now.

Miss America may have waited on us at our NYC fave Lure Fishbar.

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