Weekend Balls

First football, of course. Denver, New England, Atlanta, SanFran. Final Four. What say you? Eddie DeBartolo and Michael Strahan Hall of Fame finalists. Yay.

Golden Globes should be fun. Tina & Amy show. Tipsy speeches. Much looser than the Oscars. I’ve only seen Arbitrage, so what do I know on the movie front? Richard Gere was okay. Argo and Affleck, as well as Bigelow are at least on this list. MadMen5, a glaring slight. Hendricks was amazing. Only Hamm was tapped. Homeland and Downton are deserving, but ZooBeeZoo season was better.

Keep all your balls in the air. Bon weekend.

10 Replies to “Weekend Balls”

  1. Boys weekend in PR. Sorry Alison…… Football rules. Agree with all of your picks except Seattle over Atlanta. Argo was an incredible movie and Ben got screwed but he’s above it. Oscars have become predictable and more about who’s paid their dues and ratings. Pats-Golden Globes red carpet a major conflict down here. How bout there?


  2. Hope Atlanta’s horrible defense stays as bad next week. That was silly. Rookie Wilson was great, though.

    Guessing next game will be a blow out and we can watch Red Carpet.


  3. I think I said Niners, Pats. Hopefully that holds true. Only problem is when I made my prediction Gronk was coming back healthy for the playoffs. Now, not. No Gronk, no ring. Simple as that I’m afraid.


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