Mayan Shmayan

Solstice happened. Still here. mAdBen must have done a magical dance at Chichen Itza in September. Now, what? Guess I will have to clean the house for the holidays after all. Maybe the world did end. At least the United States. Over the cliff without a parachute. TeaParty agenda is to dissolve the government. No compromising with these people about taxes or guns. Cantor is a snake. Boehner will have to move to the middle for the sake of the country. His choice is Speaker or Statesman.

2 Replies to “Mayan Shmayan”

  1. ugh the weather this AM is similar to another “end of the world” feeling on October 29th of this year. The sound of the wind is whistling through our apt.
    Thankfully just another gray, windy, wet day.


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