Kranky Kristmas Kancelled

photo-22No Kranky Kristmas Kurmudgeons.
Not this year. As everyone gathers, we’ll embrace krappy re-gifts, kitty kreamer, plastic Wal-Mart tree, snix snax. Dysfunctional family candle casts a warmer glow. That’s today. In a week, I’ll let you know. Seriously. Grateful for our blessings of the season. Especially this year.

Feliz cumpleaños, Anita Abuelita!

Jake’s tree is real. He’s lucky.
Ok, a little kranky.

6 Replies to “Kranky Kristmas Kancelled”

    1. I got huge real wreaths for outside. But, it’s a good idea. I’ll see how that one flies. I love that the construction workers asked you where the rest of your tree was when you were carrying it back to your apt. in NYC!


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