12 12 12

Twelve Kranky days ’til Kristmas.

On the first day of Kranky, my true love gave to me, a plastic Wal-Mart tree.
On the second day, I bought two enormous real wreaths to compensate.
On the third day, mAdBen strung lights all around the porch.
On the fourth day, dysfunctional family candle resurrected.
On the fifth day, PithyV’s bags packed for grandma-hood.
On the sixth day, lobster meat ordered.
On the seventh day, Alicat remembers how long she’s been married.
On the eighth day, year-old dust bunnies vacuumed out of every nook.
On the ninth day, krappy kristmas gifts and re-gifts wrapped.
On the tenth day, meds re-filled.
On the eleventh day, kitty kreamer bagged, JeanJean cookies baked.
On the twelfth day, post-trimming cocktail nap under plastic Wal-Mart tree.

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  1. PithyV honoured to make no 5 on the 12 Days. Remember Glo and John at lower ground Christmas feast at 26 Brookside Circle. Trays of lasagna, lobster newburg, huge dessert table. In the aftermath, within two hours, John asks if little, not-so-little, Tina, would like him to send out for pizza.
    Glo started the obesity movement by adding melted butter to little Tina’s Gerber meals. Hope Glo doesn’t read this. If she is still with us, please block this reply! Are you hungry, honey?


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