Where’s Jack?

Say it ain’t so. Rumors swirling that Cafferty File and Jack are off CNN’s Situation Room. Carol from Massachusetts will miss you, if it’s true. I loved being your frequent on-air babe since November 18, 2009. A 3-year affair.
Thanks for the memories.

70% of Americans said this was one of the most important elections ever. Jack Cafferty asked why? He read what I said, “The country has passed its tipping point. Both parties need to grapple with how to balance an aging and diverse population’s needs without going completely broke. If civility doesn’t replace sniping, the Mayans may have been onto something.”

3 thoughts on “Where’s Jack?

  1. Maybe he’ll go back to Channel 11. If so, I’ll drop by and say hello for you. It’s confirmed, last night Tom Brady was pronounced the best QB EVER to play the game. Sorry Niner fans, Joe just doesn’t cut it.


    • Thanks! Tell Jack I’m around.

      You are right. Statistically, Brady has eclipsed Montana. And, hate to say it, but he’s a lot smarter. Bill & Tom make a landmark team, I have to agree.


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