First Flakes

Falling outside. Guess it had to happen. Jake Tapper is one of the few real journalists around. Nate Silver has a tax “bubble” argument against hitting the kinda rich. It sorta makes sense. Depends on definition of wealthy, especially in certain parts of the country. Ambassador Rice’s offensive play, clever.

PithyV’s current book picks: Life and Fate, Vasily Grossman; The Forgotten Waltz, Anne Enright; Sweet Tooth, Ian McEwan; SpiderWeb, Penelope Lively.

Last Stuffer. RecipeDetours.

New store on Long Island’s North Fork. Niece Hadley’s NorthFound.

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    1. Didn’t stick. You are my first MacBook Pro recipient.
      btw don’t think Susan Rice is the best choice for Sec. of State.
      Again, I’d nominate Hagel, Huntsman, Reed (RI).


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