Sunday Morning QB

Maureen has been reading TheSideTrek again. Maybe. Now that election hangover is wearing off, time for a new amusement. Conspiracy theory alert. FoxNews’ rabid obsession to make Benghazi a Watergate-like coverup scandal has inadvertently unearthed Petraeus’ affair. Fox operatives infiltrated and compromised the General’s computer so FBI had to get involved. Instead of getting dirt on Benghazi, they brought down their own hero. Too soon?

Dueling games today. Pats-Bills, Giants-Bengals at 1:00. Michael Strahan et al, love that Fox show! Riggles giggles. Note to Rams-clocks matter.

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  1. I smell a conspiracy theory here or a good “spy novel”. I think the author and owner of this blog should write it!


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