San Fran Treats

Sandoval, St. Francis’ answer to Panda Bears. PacBell moved from Candlestick, now AT&T. Down the street from fave hotel Vitale. Go Giants! Look what Northampton’s Circa duo has created at Ed Moose’s old WashBag where Dirty Harry and Scorpio hung out. Liz Ferro and Dane Boyta’s BottleCap. I miss Herb Caen and his three dots. Le Central’s cold salmon with sauce verte. Wilkes Bashford, Willie Brown. Just a Friday lunch in town. Happy distractions needed.

Election. Stormageddon. Tom Wolfe’s new novel, Back to Blood, very good.

4 Replies to “San Fran Treats”

  1. Whoa! I’ll meet you both at the airport!!
    Did you know that Coit tower is glowing orange for the Giants???


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