Monday DeBrief

Monday bottom line. NFL has become too brutal. I’m a sports guy. I love a great gridiron display. But, lately have to switch off the game as a favorite player gets carted off the field. Gotta change. I remember Darryl Stingley too vividly. Rory and Tiger both tanked, but shared big bucks anyway. Golf is boring yet menschy.

As for the Emmy’s. Sorry to be right about Christina Hendricks losing to Maggie Smith. Brilliant characterization vs. hackneyed caricature. Oh well, it’s not the Tony’s. It’s TV. Clearly a more sophomoric genre. Jimmy Kimmel withstanding. Stewart did stay, but hey. He’s worthy. MadMen and Hamm were robbed. There is nothing to compare with last year’s season in any medium.

60 Minutes. Romney v. Obama. Gotta say. Mitt came across more confident and resolute than Barack. Wake up call for the debates. Complacency will lose.

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