September Stock

Taking stock as summer vacation ends and elections loom. Looking back at my January 3 Predictions for 2012. How am I doing? Hmmm. MR2, half right. R2. Romney-Ryan. Not Mitt-Marco. Ron nor Don mounted a third party spoiler. Callista Gingrich’s hair still hasn’t moved. Charlie not replaced by Willie on CBS morning show. Mika & Joe did have a love-child named Barnacle. Tiger didn’t win a major. CandyPantsOpen morphed into Grandma’s 80th Birthday Invitational.

My only witch-worthy triumph was that the Giants did beat the Pats in the SuperBowl. And I picked that even before NY won the wild card game! Will the rest of my predictions come true? Obama wags-the-dog in October. Israel. Iran. Stock market finishes flat at 12,000. Mayans were right and the world ends.  

If it doesn’t, who will be President in 2013? I didn’t predict that. Can you?

Photo: mAdBen, 9/2012

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