Make My Night

Tamped out in Florida. What was that Clint thing? Every which way but coherent. It took away from heart-felt testimonials which rendered Romney not only human, but saint-like. They had me. A beautifully produced video about Mitt’s life gave us comfort that he’d be okay as our leader. And then… Marco Rubio. His story was wonderful. But, it was his. And then… Clint. Talking to an empty chair.

Romney finally enters woodenly shaking hands. Takes the stage. The first part of his speech was good. Personal. Authentic. Policy part lost me, especially Neo-Con speak. That did not seem to come from his soul. When Ann joins him, she freezes out Janna Ryan. Zero engagement with Janna, Paul or their family. Strange chill.

Who cares? mAdBen just landed in Lima, off to Machu Picchu. Happy Labor Day.