Split Screen

Hurricane/Convention. Which story will dominate? Michelle on Letterman/Ann on stage in Tampa. Which one can relate? Paul Ryan/Ron Paul. Who will rule the hall? Chris Christie. Full Screen. TV analysts talking over each other. Blather.

Tom Stoppard’s Parade’s End. BBC2. Supposed to be the smarter Downton Abbey. Don’t like Cummerbund. You know, that Sherlock guy. In any event, can’t watch it in the States ’til 2013. Legally.

10 thoughts on “Split Screen

  1. Can’t believe FoxNews anchors are talking over the States’ roll call. These delegates are their bread and butter, not to mention Romney’s. And… Ron Paul delegates weren’t even announced. This was very un-democratic.


  2. How anyone can watch one second of that crap is unimaginable. You’re all book worms on this blog and should shut the idiot box off and hunker down with a good book. For the love of god both Dems and Reps spew verbal diarrhea from morning til night. Get a book or watch the Weather Channel. You’ll all be better off!!!!


  3. Okay. After my rant, I have to admit I watched Ann Romney. Oh my lord. She’s downright scary. Michelle Obama will talk about substantive things for people. Not ditzy blonde weak republican women’s ideas. Wow! I guess I do need to watch. What a dope she is!!!!


  4. So the Romneys don’t have a fairy tale marriage after all because there were chapters called MS and breast cancer. Try those diseases when there aren’t millions in offshore funds to pay for the best insurance and the best medical care.


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