Monday Musings

Tiger tanked. Gas prices rising as Gulf churns. Succumbed to finale hype and watched NewsRoom. Ridiculous writing. When did it become okay to spend most of your working day indulging in personal relationship bilge?

So far, 2012 ManBooker longlist has disappointed. Mantel’s Bring Up the Bodies, a weak sequel. Communion Town, by Sam Thompson, loosely absurd. This intricately imagined City could have provided a perfect architecture for ten distinctly odd short stories. It just didn’t. I guess Thompson was attempting the thread in the Persian rug as a foundational concept for his work. Each exists on its own. But, neither Sartre nor Camus is he. For me. Dr.Husband found Skios, “fraynetic“, too exhausting to finishThe Noises Off author, Michael Frayn, writes madcap farce better suited to the stage. Next try, The Yips. See Tiger.

8 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Read “Bodies” a long time ago. Husband tried “Skios”, I haven’t yet. I read “Communion Town” this past weekend. So, not all at once. Look forward to “The Yips” in coming weeks.


  2. Veep and The Newsroom both very disappointing. Jeff Daniels does a good job. The producer is horribly miscast. They supposedly fired the writers but may be to late. Tiger blamed the greens but they all played on then so blah, blah.


    • Always love Jeff Daniels, but he had a lousy script and agree about the other casting. Lame.

      Oh, yeah, hated Veep, too. Julia Louis-Dreyfus playing Elaine as VP.

      The worst of all was Political Animals. Sigourney Weaver as stilted as could be.


  3. Since you’ve supported Roland Merullo’s work in the past, I wanted to let you know that Roland has chosen my firm, PFP / AJAR Contemporaries to publish the sequel to his highly successful book, Breakfast with Buddha. The new novel is entitled Lunch with Buddha and will be released on November 13th. We’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign to support promotional efforts etc. Some additional info can be found here:
    Thank you very much, Peter


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