Munster Ball

Herman and Eddie. Ryan rules the Republican domestic agenda. Neo-cons will fill the foreign policy void. Rove, Kristol, Gillespie. Chilling article in this month’s VanityFair. Puppet Master Karl pulling strings of Mitt the Marionette.

Debate hosts. Candy and Martha, Jim and Bob. Meh. I was hoping for Leslie Stahl or Jake Tapper who would not let candidates ramble on talking points.

One Reply to “Munster Ball”

  1. Love Alex Wagner. Quick. Smart. Witty. Insightful. OK I’m smitten. She said what I’ve been saying all along. How can Romney not have been prepared to address his taxes, his business Bain Capital, his running mate’s budget plan vis a vis his own plan? He’s been thinking about this for like how many years?


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