Whistle Stop

 SideTrek East. Route32 through Belchertown and Ware to Gilbertville, Mass. Whizzed past diner depot the Whistle Stop. Actually stopped at our original destination, Rose32 Bakery for lunch. My Mom told me about a SanFran couple who transplanted pastry talent to this tiny town. Bread, cookies, cakes and croissants in an unlikely converted garage. Circled up to Barre, Petersham, back around to Quabbin Reservoir on a Lochnessy Day- see photos on TravelTreks page.

6 thoughts on “Whistle Stop

    • Movies? No. But, we did see an old George Clooney/Catherine Zeta-Jones Coen Bros. re-tread on HBO last night. It was so bad it was good. Well…

      We do have air-conditioning in our bedroom, never had central air. You are lucky! Usually not more than a couple days a year that we suffer. Usually.


  1. Well, I understand. If the house did not have it, we wouldn’t have installed it, nut just to fix it was $ 5000+! I can think of more fun ways to spend that kind of $$$!


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