Book Bag

Come From Nowhere, Ellen Greenfield. Superbly written, Greenfield vividly transports the reader into the gritty dark underbelly of subway platforms and NYC urban life. Stories of seven women before the big blackout of 1977. Then, in the gloom of a city without lights, a glimmer of hope shines on these women whose stories though disparate are deftly intertwined on this indelible date.

Porch Lights, Dorothea Benton Frank. Not my cuppa tea. Subject nor writing style. Can’t review it as I skimmed it. Not sure how it landed on my porch table.

Labor Day, Joyce Maynard. Soon to be a movie recently filmed in Shelburne Falls, Mass. Kate Winslet, Josh Brolin, directed by Jason Reitman. Characters in this sweet story are more suited to the screen, with the exception of the adolescent boys. Most especially Barry, who despite his developmental challenges, has the keenest sense of goodness. Frank, the criminal, tugs at appropriate heart strings. Author Maynard, notorious for her relationship with J.D. Salinger, has written a poignant vignette. Set in Holton Mills, New Hampshire, it could be small-town anywhere in the 70’s. Russo light, but good.

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn. Many reviews trash the ending. I thought it was a perfect extension of this cleverly smart depiction of two twisted lives.