Sweet Sundae

 July 22~Happy Birthday GemQueen! It’s nice to focus on something and someone sweet this July Sunday. Great Graeter’s wishes. Dr.Husband had their chocolate chip when visiting Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Will your old hometown school chum, Rob Portman be the Veep pick? Good day to have ice cream in bed and watch the British Open.

7 Replies to “Sweet Sundae”

  1. wow thanks for the good wishes and the beautiful gift which I opened at 5am. You are too kind. Yes Graeter’s is now sold in a few Key Food stores in the City but am keeping away as could be dangerous. Wondering about Rob?? Nice guy and a friend from high school just in the wrong party.


      1. What a great birthday blog! Yes happy day to my dearest friend in the world! We will share some Graeters soon… xo


  2. Tiger should fire his caddy. That was the worst advice I’ve ever seen to hit that shot up out of the pot bunker for a triple bogey. Joey, you are fired!


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