Summer Splitz

The week has been wasted with frequent appearances by ‘Lisa Dreck’ aka Rielle Hunter, while uplifted by reminiscences of a woman of substance, Nora Ephron. Waiting for the Supremes to decide what will happen to the unwieldy healthcare legislation, could be another can kicked down the road. Watching the ugly treatment of a morning show anchorwoman. Good vs. Messy at best.

Maggie Shipstead’s first novel, Seating Arrangements, gets a split decision as well. It was a hit or miss. A weekend wedding on a Nantuckety island focuses on silly problems of the very rich. Written by a woman, it was told from a father’s point of view about having daughters. Winn’s inability to relate to the women in his life was both poignant and distasteful. His social-climbing obsession with being a member of ‘private clubs’ was just annoying. As was the ending.

One thing is for sure, it’s gonna be a hot one.

7 Replies to “Summer Splitz”

  1. Healthcare Decision: Fox News got it right first after initially flubbing it. Then, MSNBC took its time and reported it right. CNN was out to lunch. Roberts made the Supremes look good.


  2. My fave Chicago restaurants were Avanzare, at Water Tower. Topolobampo. Spiaggia. Also a fun night for music at Chicago Blues Club on North Halstead. Used to go at least once a quarter for ABN AMRO meetings. Those were the days.


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