Like it or not, Obama’s fortunes ultimately will be defined by the global economy. Europe is critical to his re-election. Yet no U.S. President, nor Congress can affect the outcome. Interventionists beg for action. What can we do? We have faint financial leverage anymore in the world, as debt-laden and politically hampered as we are. Investors will find little to trust in traditional fundamentals as the election looms. Global economic certainty is not on the horizon.

So, unless there is a wag-the-dog October surprise, Zzzomney could pull it out. Hope not. Neo-Cons and his Boston Consulting buddy, Bibi Netanyahu, would steer him to take us into a Middle East war that only the Mayans could love.

This dank weather must be getting to me. Make some comfort food.

6 thoughts on “GlobaLection

  1. two things………….
    1. did you mean the Mormons or the Mayans ??
    2. this weather is soooooooo depressing……….what happened to a few days in a row of abundant sunshine? ugh can not take it.


  2. Senator: Why did the trader make a $2billion trade?
    Jamie Dimon: That’s what traders do. Most days no one would have noticed, it only takes a nanosecond.
    Senator: Will regulations change this behavior?
    JD: No.
    Next question?


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