Rantsy Pants

CandyPants Rants. It has been a while. So, I’ve saved them up.

Carl Bernstein calls Romney an opportunist. Jon Huntsman said Mitt is a well-oiled weathervane. Brilliant. Broken record alert. Rahm, Axelrod, Jarrett are stale. Get new people, PrezO. Sarah Jessica Parker and Anna Wintour not a good idea in these times. Tacky. Yerp out. Obama’s re-election will be defined by the global economy. His re-election depends on its stability in October.

Great news! You don’t have to study, work hard or pay big bucks to go to a prestigious college anymore. Just say you did on Facebook or LinkedIn. Really? Life is not “Suits”. Social networking world is smaller than you think. Forbes.

Speaking of Facebook, as I said before the IPO, it had already jumped the shark. The market has caught up. Just as people are discovering Kelly Ripa, I’m growing weary of her revolving co-hosts. Love Michael Strahan.

Real Housewives franchise has also jumped. It’s bad when I miss SiLex and Jill. Soaps out, too. Finally ran out of characters and story lines. GH now has Todd, from the defunct OLTL, who killed his twin brother who is the father of his ex-wife’s new-born pitted against hit-man Jason, who also killed his twin brother, serial killer Franco who raped his wife and is the father of her new-born. Y&R’s Victor is now doing his former daughter-in-law Sharon.

Need new books!!!!!

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  1. ok the worst news I heard is that Anna Wintour is being considered for US Ambassador to London………………….are you kidding me……………..what is HE thinking?? Mr. O -please get some new advisors.


  2. Oh yeah. Forgot about bringing pets to work and allowing them in hotels. People have allergies, asthma. Airplanes, too. Wheezing is not fun. Febreeze doesn’t work. Makes me sneeze worse.


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