Tower Bridges

Summer edition of MSKCC Bridges Newsletter is here, starting its 5th year of cancer survivors and families sharing and caring for each other. Art Expressions program thrives as well. Great work by Gould & dedicated volunteers.

Have to admit, no interest in Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee. Love London, bridges, buildings, big hats. Royalty of today not so much. I’m more riveted by debauched monarchies of the 16th century. That’s why I was looking forward to Hilary Mantel’s sequel to her Thomas Cromwell masterpiece, Wolf Hall.

The Tower of London is the vortex of Bring Up the Bodies. As good as Wolf Hall was, this isn’t. Philippa Gregory’s lesser novels were better told Boleyn stories. If great writing sets Mantel apart from the riffraff, this doesn’t rise to that standard. How can you make the story of Anne Boleyn boring? Seeing it through Cromwell’s eyes had so much potential. Too bad.

Got a copy of the novel Labor Day, subject of the movie being filmed in Shelburne FallsTurns out author Joyce Maynard was the young woman who had the affair with J.D. Salinger and has an “interesting” tale of her own.

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  1. ou are too kind……………….much appreciated and much enjoyed time spent making those projects/programs happen.


  2. I thought the name Joyce Maynard sounded familiar. Is Wolf Hall still worth the read even though the “sequel” isn’t? It has been on my long list of books to read.


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