Mad Jag

SNL Wiiged out, won’t be the same. Mick killed it. He missed his calling. Quick wit, comedic takes, perfect. He’s no LiLo. MadMen is hurtling through time, it’s Christmas ’66. After ZooBeeZoo Megan breaks Don’s heart and Lane financially craters the agency, will Joan and Peggy be the ones to pick up the pieces?

Newark Mayor Booker stepped in it. But, his point was correct. Main Street did benefit from Bain Streets. Campaigns will necessarily dwell on distractions, avoiding real issues. Austerity vs. Growth. Bring on a discussion with teeth.

Who is Dicky Pride?

6 thoughts on “Mad Jag

  1. Jagger was great!! SNL will sorely miss Kristen. She was the one you always looked forward to seeing. Even in bad skits. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch SNL Saturday night when it’s on? We watch Sunday afternoon on tape…..How old are we?????


  2. yea we DVR it and watch Sunday morning at crack of dawn having gone to bed Saturday night at 9pm… about “old”!


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