Libro e Pane

The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani was a welcome respite after the dark mystery, Defending Jacob. Despite the lit lite genre, Trigiani paints a sweet if incredible romantic tale set in the early 1900’s. From Italian Alpine villages to Ellis Island, Little Italy, Greenwich Village and West. The Godfather thunderbolt of passion and fate, it wasn’t. Escape under the backyard umbrella, it was.

Northampton’s Hungry Ghost made Saveur magazine’s 45 Best Loaves. Editor, Helen Rosner has fond memories of the Pioneer Valley from her years at Smith College. Other culinary luminaries went there, too. Right Julia?

JackCafferty wanted to know why 1 in 7 people believe the Mayans. Do you think the world will end this year?

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  1. Heard about this book from Joy Behar. I know, but I love Joy. She reminds me of my Italian Auntie Glo. Had never read Trigiani but liked it.


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