Mad Weekend

Fun weekend with Ogilvy‘s newest Account Executive. Congrats to Ben! A lucky client will be getting all of his attention. mAdBen took us on a tour of Ogilvy with its DonDraper-esque decor overlooking the Hudson. Later on MadMen TV, Maman Marie was naughty ZooBeeZoo. Those French Canadiennes, woo.

Dining not as exciting. Mario’s on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is a scene from Sopranos’ central casting. If canned clams and stale pasta are authentic, then it is. Being with Betsey & Ben for lunch was molto bene. Flatiron’s Madison Park sublime on a mild sunny afternoon. Dinner at The Black Duck, not so much.

My favorite ‘mad’ journalist asked what the most useless college major is:

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  1. Jack put the sarcastic inflection on ‘Spanish major’. I thought it was very useful, but never used it in my career, that was my point. So, here’s to all Spanish majors!


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