Book Review Stew

Defending Jacob, by William Landay is a mystery that gut-wrenchingly explores nature vs. nurture. It portrays a horrific family crisis that turns blithe normalcy into a twisted tempest of contempt, blame, guilt. A ‘happy’ 35-year marriage changes in a day. Regrets. Redemption? A compelling read.

While busy testing for Recipe Detours, I’m noticing different produce in the market. Searching for new ideas is fun. Finding purple potatoes at Atkins Farm, I plunked them into the basket. No clue what I’d do. After a little research, found out that they are native to Peru, so created my version of  PurplePeruStew.

Go green. Go Will. Greenskies. CandyPants says: Facebook has jumped the shark.

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  1. I love purple potatoes. They look really nice in a potato salad too, mixed with some red and Yukons. They also have fewer calories, according to RJB.


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