April Summer

Summer continues this Spring. Warm March. Hot April. 90’s tomorrow?! Yard furniture dusted off, reading under the porch light earlier than ever. Umbrella table is out. Burgers for dinner on the grill.

The hubbub continues over ‘women and work’ comments. Frank Bruni’s NYTimes column today extols the virtues of his own mother as example of hard-working stay-at-home. He does get in a little swipe at Ann Romney about her getting married at 19 in a Mormon ceremony. Maureen devolved into SNL comedy challenges with the upcoming Zzzomney v. IncumBama campaign. Chris Hayes, on MSNBC quoted Romney the robot recently asserting that poor women be paid for childcare because they should work outside the home.

Nauseating interview with Mika in the Times, she and Joe (her gay stylist?) are joined at the hip and spouses are fine with it. OK. If you do choose to stay home and bake cookies, check out the best chocolate chip.

4 Replies to “April Summer”

  1. Cathy makes the best!! We went to Cindy’s today and she happened to make Cathy’s cookies. Not quite the same but still good.


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